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Vending Terms & Conditions

"IGNITE Black Owned Businesses" Initiative: 

We are exuberantly happy to announce our Black Owned Business Initiative! When we look at ourselves, we see that through the years, we have respected and highlighted the spirit of black musicians, singers, speakers, creatives and entrepreneurs, but we hadn't done much in our fight against systemic racism or economic equality. Therefore, we've added a $125 voucher to your Vendor's fee which you'll find listed on your invoice.

Vending Fee: $575

Black Owned Business Initiative Voucher: $125

Total Vending Fee: $450

Vending Set-Up:

(EARLY Set-Up on Wednesday is HIGHLY Recommended)

  • Wed. September 11th @6pm CST- 9pm CST 

  • Thu. September 12th @6am- 7am EST

  • Fri. September 13th @6am- 7am EST

  • Sat. September 14th @6am- 7am EST

  • Sun. September 15th @6am-7am EST 

Vending Hours: 

  • Vending is permitted at the beginning and throughout all workshops, and AFTER services. 

  • Vending is prohibited while any service is taking place. 

Exhibit Space Assignments and Occupancy:

  • IGNITE reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary. 

  • Vendors may not alter the location of exhibits without the consent of IGNITE staff prior to the conference.

  •  All exhibits must be staffed during regular exhibit hours.  

  • Vendors may not permit non-exhibiting companies “representatives” or materials in their exhibit area, unless approved by the IGNITE Executive Director or designee. 

  • All vendors must wear their name badges at all times while on the conference site.

  • Placement of table, determined by IGNITE staff, may be based on order in which payment is received and conference-veteran status (i.e., number of prior NZT conferences Vendor has participated in)

General Standards of Conduct:

  • Vendors are to present their products and services, and their personnel, in a professional manner.

  • Any activity or behavior that is disruptive, distracting, or undignified in the vendor area or elsewhere on the conference site is prohibited. Any activity or behavior of this nature will result in removal from the conference and forfeiture of payment or refund.

  • Attire and grooming must comport with the professional standards expected in a court-related setting.

  • No recorded or live music may be played or performed in the exhibit area unless part of an evening event. Space assignments, subletting, sharing, or apportioning of space without approval by IGNITE is not permitted.

  • A Vendor may not exhibit, advertise, or offer for sale goods or services other than those of the Vendor.

  • No exhibition or solicitation is permitted outside of the Vendor’s assigned space, including elsewhere in the church or surrounding geographic area, unless initiated and approved by IGNITE staff.

  • Vendors may not conduct any activity that would induce visitors to leave the church or other facility at which the exhibition is being held during regular business hours.

  • Smoking and drug use is prohibited.

  • Interference with the exhibits of others will not be tolerated.



  • Each exhibit should be installed so that it will not project beyond the space allotted and obstruct or interfere with the other exhibits.

  •  Exhibit space is accessible the night before the full conference, and access will be available one hour ahead of event start time, and one hour after the close of the final session.

  • Vendor shall leave the location clean of trash and substantially in the same condition it was found before the Vendor occupied it. 


Terms of Payment, Cancellation and Refund:


  • Cancellations received in writing by email 30 days prior to the meeting dates, will receive a refund less 50% of the Vendor table fee.

  • Should event be canceled, a full refund will be provided within 30 days.

  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the conference, your entire Vendor fee will be forfeited.

  • IGNITE reserves the right to deny exhibit space to companies that have overdue account balances with IGNITE.

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