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Vending Opportunity

Capitilize on a "perfect fire" as we partner with your business to ignite your opportunity for growth!

The Ignite Conference offers an excellent opportunity for vendors/exhibitors to outreach and network with conference attendees through information tables and exhibits. The range of exhibitors could include, non-profit organizations, consultants, and for-profit corporations. Items to be exhibited include, but are not limited to, software, audio-visual materials, educational and training materials, consulting services, organizational information, products, and services. 

Since Ignite is a highly interactive conference, vendors and exhibitors are encouraged to participate fully in the conference workshops, keynotes, concerts, and services. The vendor/exhibitor area is not highly trafficked during the conference workshops and keynotes. The vendor/exhibitor area is most active between workshop sessions, before and after meals, and during conference breaks. 


Our Vending time frame is primarily between:

  • 10am – 11pm (Thursday & Friday)

  • 10am-4pm (Saturday)

  • 3pm- 11pm (Sunday)

Price per Table: 


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